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Cellulite Factor

Hey, Paul here,

Cellutlite Factor

Thank you for checking out my blog, you have come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive review of The Cellulite Factor Guide book which is written by Dr. Charles Livingstone who’s expertise are in healthy permanent weight loss and  effective cellulite treatment.

Note that this is a review and if you are looking for the The Cellulite Factor webpage then Click here.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of Dr. Charles cellulite treatment self help guide. What your about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing a copy of the guide yourself.

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So what is Dr. Charles The Cellulite Factor program?

cellulite factor

The Cellulite Factor mission of the guide is to firstly set the record straight on the facts about Cellulite and how to finally attack the problem. Dr. Charles  methods are very different to any other remedy out there. His writing is very honest and straight forward.

The Cellulite Factor shows you several new methods on how to get rid of cellulite, these are not normal by any means however Dr. Charles does provide a valid explanation and the psychology behind every method he teaches.

For example, he teaches you about the damaging effects of crash diets.

When looking at the problems associated with crash diets, the issues
are many.  Dr. Charles takes you though 11 reasons why crash diets are going to impact your long-term health state, reduce your Metabolic rate and leave you with nutritional deficiencies.

He covers in depth the difference between a crash diet and a ‘Cleanse’ because they can be quite similar on a lot of fronts and it is very important to understand the difference.

The methods really do go into depth of how to actually implement it in real life scenarios, everything from how, when and why you should do each step.

I have read many books and reviews over the the last few months on this specific topic of how to reduce cellulite. I did read some very good material. However, The Cellulite Factor was the first guide I read that gave you exact instructions on how to reduce cellulite.

The Cellulite Factor guide was a great read, very easy to follow and straight to the point yet a valuable read.

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What exactly having Cellulite can do to your mental health:

Cellulite can cause depression and make you very self-conscious. Many people find themselves covering up as much as possible and even turning the lights off in those intimate moments. You may love your partner though find yourself pushing them away.

The first thing to overcome is the mindset. Dr. Charles really does sympathize for you. He has seen thousands of people with the same problem, “Cellulite”. But the trick is to conquer your mind.

Cellulite can cause a person to do the wrong thing as humans have always a tendency to act on their feelings. This ultimately leads them to trying all kinds of unproven methods and spending vast amounts of money with no result. The problem, more often than not, is that they are simply using the wrong approach and don’t start seeing the results that they’re after, which leads to further frustration and then their motivation takes a nosedive.
Cellulite is a very intricate problem that requires a comprehensive
approach as you go about your treatment as it’s not just something that’s
accumulated due to you having excess weight.

Dr. Charles covers these issues step-by-step to help you get control of your mind and move onto cellulite reduction.

After reading the method and more importantly the explanation behind it, it is a complete “win win” method. This is one of many techniques Dr. Charles teaches in The Cellulite Factor.

What are the bad things about Dr. Charles  The Cellulite factor:

  • You will have to change your diet in order for The Cellulite Factor to work.
  • The first week will take a little adjustment.
  • There is no exercise plane to follow up.
  • If you want to lose Cellulite you are going to have to take action.

And what are the good things about Dr. Charles  The Cellulite factor:

  • The Guide gives you plenty of information on how to reduce cellulite.
  • Everything is explained in an easy  to understand straight forward way.
  • You will never be scammed again.
  • You will feel confident, healthy and full of energy.
  • The Coffee grind wrap method is great and comes with the recipe.
  • Based a lot on detoxification your skin will look and feel much better.
  • There are plenty of Bonuses.
  • A full 60 day money back guarantee.

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What do you get in The Cellulite Factor:

  • Of course the 101 page cellulite factor guide.
  • Bonuses
  • A comprehensive grocery list.
  • A food and exercise Journal.cellulite factor
  • A daily meal plane booklet.
  • A Toxin avoidance Handbook.
  • A 50 page recipes book
  • A 60 day no questions asked money back.
  • If Dr. Charles makes any changes to the Guide you will be updated for life.

One of the Delicious snacks you will find in the 50 page recipe book

    Not-so-Sinful Chocolate-Covered Bananas

cellulite factor

So overall what do I think?

The Cellulite Factor is a 101 page guide that in my eyes is the best straight to the point no nonsense guide on exactly how to get rid of cellulite. Dr. Charles, the author boasts an impressive background with years of experience in healthy, permanent weight loss and effective cellulite treatment, he is even a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner. The guide is packed from start to finish on the most effective way to lose cellulite and stay healthy. After reading many books and reviews including The Cellulite Factor guide and it’s bonus material over the last couple of months. My conclusion is that The Cellulite Factor stands out from the crowd as the most well written and easy to follow program on Cellulite reduction market today. I am convinced that The Cellulite Factor Guide will lead you to healthiness and a life without cellulite.

I hope you have enjoyed my review as much as I did in putting it together for you.

I wish you all the success.


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cellulite factor

Benefits of Cellulite Cleansing

Benefits of Cellulite Cleansing

Hi and welcome back

I wanted to give you some incite into the benefits of Cellulite Cleansing and reducing stress level’s have in helping you get rid of cellulite.

The cellulite factor goes into benefits of cleansing and many other topics in much more detail.

First let’s identify the difference between a crash diet and the benefits of Cellulite Cleansing.
because they can be quite similar on a lot of fronts.

The benefits of Cellulite Cleansing
The initial difference between the two is that a cleanse is typically
designed to be carried out for a period of one to three days, whereas a
crash diet can last for two weeks or longer.

The main benefits of Cellulite Cleansing or detoxing is to reduce the build-up of toxins in the body. However, Cellulite Cleansing has many additional benefits, which include helping you to kick-start a healthier lifestyle (one of benefits of Cellulite Cleansing is you’ll be more aware of what you put into your body), lose weight fast, reduce cellulite and boost in energy levels, as well as generally making you feel (and look!) better. While everyone’s experience of the cleanse is different, there are many benefits of cleansing that you can hope to achieve.

  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved concentration and mental clarity
  • Increased energy levels
  • Natural weight lose
  • Clear and refreshed skin
  • Cellulite reduction (seriously – a change in diet is one of the most effective ways to get rid of cellulite)
  • Diminished allergies
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced cravings for sugar and other stimulants
  • Normalized blood pressure


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Stress is Associated With Cellulite Development
The fact is that stress is associated with cellulite development.
If there’s one thing that you should know, it’s that stress is potentially
one of the most damaging elements to your health.
Simply put, stress impacts everything.

It impacts your:

  • Sleep quality
  • Ability to get rid of cellulite
  • Resting metabolic rate
  • Recovery rate
  • Immune system
  • Libido levels
  • Focus and concentration
  • Energy levels
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Diabetes risk
  • Energy
  • …and on and on it goes.

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Dr Charles Livingston cellulite factor

Dr Charles Livingston cellulite factor

Thank you for coming back to my wed page.

First of all I thought it would be a good idea if you had a little information about the author of Dr Charles Livingston cellulite factor

Dr Charles Livingston Cellulite Factor

Dr Charles Livingston cellulite factor received his Doctorate of Chiropractic, graduating with honors, from the world-renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has studied a variety of healing techniques and has spent thousands of hours researching nutrition and weight loss.

Dr Charles Livingston cellulite factor was one of the first people to receive the C.C.W.P. (Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner) from the International Chiropractors Association. Training with anesthesiologists and pain management specialists, he has also received his certification in Manipulation Under Anesthesia and has worked in surgical centers performing this procedure.

Dr Charles Livingston cellulite factor training has enabled him to be a well-rounded structure/function doctor and has given him expertise in healthy, permanent weight loss and effective cellulite treatment. His approach is to create an optimal environment for the body to heal by utilizing the best techniques, state-of-the-art research and the top-of-the-line, most researched nutritional weight loss supplements.

An avid writer and author, Dr Charles Livingston cellulite factor has written numerous articles and a series of books with titles including Fat loss factor, see the web site here.

Each book covers an important aspect of the quickest way to lose weight and how to reduce cellulite.

Dr Charles Livingston cellulite factor newest book, The Cellulite Factor see the website here, is based on the latest research for permanent cellulite removal naturally. In this book, he reveals numerous ways to get rid of cellulite and keep it from coming back.

Dr Charles Livingston Cellulite factor and some of the topics you will find inside.

The following are just a few topics you will find among many others that I will cover in my final comprehensive review, soon to be posted.

1) Can You Spot A Scam?

2)The Damaging Impacts Of Crash Diets

3)Eating To Rid Cellulite

4)Weight Loss Supplements For Success

5)The Coffee Grind Wrap Method

6)Your Step By Step Plan To Get Rid of Cellulite For Good

7)Maintaining A Cellulite Free Body For Life

Be sure to check soon as My full review will be posted in the next couple of day’.

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Myths and Facts about Cellulite

Myths and Facts about Cellulite

In the process of reviewing The Cellulite Factor methods I though I would give you a little information on the Myths and Facts about Cellulite.

What is cellulite.

What causes cellulite formation to occur is the actual skin on yourbody along with the underlying structure underneath the skin.

Where cellulite is evident, you’ll have fat tissue that is seeping into the skin structures, pulling on the various attachments that
join the skin to the body fat cells, causing them to buckle and the dimples to be formed.

So while having fat underneath the skin does definitely play a role in cellulite formation, it is not the cause of the cellulite. The cause of the cellulite formation is due to the way the skin is structured and the fact it’s allowing the fat to press up into it, producing these protrusions.

You just have to have poor skin structure and fat present and when you do, cellulite will be forming. Facts about Cellulite.

Myths and Facts about CelluliteAs fat pushes up on the connective layer (shown here in gray), it creates the bumpy surface on theskin we know (and love) as cellulite.

Another thing to note with the formation of cellulite is that it is much more likely to form as you begin to age. When you’re older the skin loses it’s elasticity and that can make it far easier for the fat to move into the skin pockets, pressing up against the skin.

Keep in mind that how much cellulite you currently possess is going to determine how long it takes you to get rid of cellulite from your body as well as the amount of effort that’s going to be required on your part.

The trick is to recognize what problems are at play in your own situation and then start making adjustments that will accommodate to those issues.

If you can do this, then you can get right on track to seeing the success that you’re after, cellulite reduction. Reply for more facts about Cellulite I will be only happy to write some more.

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How do you get cellulite
Many people are under the impression that it’s simply excess body fat and while body fat does play a role in cellulite formation, that’s not all that’s involved.
Others might mention that cellulite is caused due to toxic build-up under the skin, a notion that isn’t correct at all (so don’t fall for this one! it has nothing to do do with the facts of Cellulite) These kind of people are likely to be the one’s wasting time and money on expensive products like weight loss supplements, cellulite cream and even cellulite removal surgery. These are simply not going to work.

Cellulite is primarily a condition involving both body fat as well as your skin structure.  Cellulite is far most likely to occur right around the butt and thigh region other more facts about Cellulite, however it can also occur around other areas of the body where excess body fat is likely to accumulate. All of these areas can see noticeable increases in cellulite formation, especially if one gets heavy enough in terms of their overall body weight.

I could go on forever on this topic of the facts about Celulite though The Cellulite Factor explains all the facts about Cellulite in detail and it’s quite an interesting read.

Until Next time Enjoy.

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